I’m in middle school, and when I come back, I’m hungry! Sometimes, I like to eat cup noodles. But… To be honest, these get old sometimes. No, it’s not that I don’t want to eat it, it’s just that the flavor isn’t satisfying anymore. So now, I add things to my ramen! Here’s a list of things I love to add to my ramen.

(P.S don’t expect things that are Japanese and things that people actually add to real ramen)

  1. I love to add an egg. When I heard about adding egg, I was like… WHAT? Then, one day I tried it, and it tasted great! There is no right way to add an egg, you can add it soft boiled and cut, or just  pieces of egg. I personally love the egg drop way. First you cook your ramen, add the hot water, blah blah blah… Then put it in a heated pan. When the soup is simmering, take an egg and whisk it in a bowl and slowly pour out half of the egg while mixing the noodles continuously. Pour the other half when the egg is cooked. The whole process should take about a minute. And you have got a delicious bowl of ramen.
  2. If you have thinly sliced meat, you can put it in after heating it up by itself on the stove. Just heat it up and cut it and put it in the noodles. Eat one or two pieces as you slurp your ramen. This adds flavor and texture. My mouth is watering just writing this!
  3. Just drain soup or put it to the side and lightly sauté the noodles in a shallow pan. They will be slightly crispy. Or you can sauté and add some tomatoes, spinach, or anything to make it good!

Now you can enjoy your ramen differently! Hot, soupy, delicious… Go eat it right now!