Have you bitten your nails down until they are tender? Do they look like shark teeth? Many girls may dream of having the perfect manicure, but nail biters (girls or guys) just want nails that are more than a stub. These are just some tips to help you stop biting your nails, or helping your child with their bad habit.

  1. Try something they won’t like. This trick may even work for thumb suckers. Put lemon, chili powder, vinegar, or anything that doesn’t taste good on your fingers. just a small amount on the tip of the finger is fine, since we don’t want to hurt the nail. For extremely bitten nails, put a small amount on at first, just to see if it doesn’t sting or burn.
  2. Fake nails! Until your real nails grow out, put in some fake nails. These nails can look natural or you can have decorative nails until your real nails become longer and strong. This may seen like its only for girls, but if you live alone… then you can try it too :D.
  3. Put on some nail polish. You  probably don’t like the taste of nail polish. Put some on, and take a long time doing it too. If you spend half an hour just doing your nails to make them look nice, you will fight the urge to bite your nails because you value how much time you spent on them. You may want to try #2 before this, so you have some space to put polish on.
    So now you have a way to grow your nails out. Remember, your nails are there to help you. They help protect your skin from infections and if you bite them, you are only hurting yourself.