Everyone knows about Princeton university, but did you know about the life that surrounds it? Being someone who lives near the Princeton area, I tend to visit many times. This time, I recorded where I go, what I do there, and noticed how people act. Here are some places to go, and I also have a few funny stories to share with you at the end!

  1. Palmer square – this is the middle of Princeton, and you can get anywhere walking by being dropped off at this place. Yes, I said being dropped off. Because taking your car into Princeton is a hassle, and me being a pedestrian, I know that pedestrians get the priority. A car may be waiting for five minutes at the end of every block for people to cross, and with the parking price, it’s easier to just get a cab to drop you off, or to park somewhere close and walk.
  2. First up is the Lindt store.
    This place is the best place for chocolate lovers. They have so many wonderful treats that you can’t get in the U.S. They have German and Belgian chocolates that taste fantastic. My experience with the store is great. There was a man who told me I could get anything I liked. I only wanted one piece of chocolate, so they gave me only one. I got charged 66 cents. There is no limit on what you can get.

  3. This is a small, cute shop named Morning Glory and it’s full of stuff I love. It has cute stickers, memo pads, stuffed animals, and other awesome Japanese stuff. I bought so much from there. It was a little pricey, but totally worth it in my opinion.

  4. This place is called Kung Fu Tea. It serves bubble tea, and various other drinks. It’s small and cute, just like every other shop in Princeton. Last time I went, I got the melon bubble tea and it was delicious.All this stuff and more, its all in Palmer square. Princeton is the perfect mix of nature and city. There is amazing architecture and awesome shops. And, don’t worry about where you’re going, just go wherever you want, I promise you can find your way back.