When you have to buy birthday presents, Christmas gifts, or anything for a child, it’s easy. Get them a toy, something all out girly, or a race track set. But when those little boys and girls grow into teenagers, it’s harder to find something they will like and use. In this article, lets focus on just teenage girls, around 13 to 16. There are many different types of interests every girl has.

  1. Some like a particular book series or tv show. Many of my friends are into the Percy Jackson series. These series usually have certain objects that represent the show or book. Usually you can find these things by searching up merchandise on google. Pinterest and Etsy are the sites where you can really get the most meaningful item from the series.glass For example, I used to love the Harry Potter series. On Pinterest, I found this necklace that looks great and is cheap. (http://www.repyourpassion.com/products/exclusive-harry-potter-like-time-turner-hourglass-necklaces?pp=1)
  2. For any teenage girl, A t-shirt or sweatshirt that says something funny or completely true is a great gift under $25. These are easy to find and will be used. Also, make sure you don’t get one that has bad words or bad meanings, since sometimes that isn’t allowed in school. These t-shirts can say something that really refers to them. For example the one at the top. These aren’t the cheapest, but with a little effort, you might be able to make one of your own!
  3. For someone that you don’t really know, or don’t see often, try a science toy.  I personally love thinkgeek.com This site has all these geeky science toys anyone will love! Here is a link for gifts under $10: http://www.thinkgeek.com/interests/giftsunder10/  but you can search up gift under $20 or $30 by clicking shop by interest next  to the search bar, going down to gifts, and selecting your budget. But just remember that you have to pay shipping too!

    Now you can buy a present that is meaningful, useful, or just fun to play with and show off!