Now, when I was little, my family would decide one weekend, to go to ikea, or costco. These stores were about two hours away from our house, and because I couldn’t be left alone, I had to come too. Let me tell you how these went. We would start out happy, singing songs, playing games etc. But then my mom would fall asleep, and she would need all of us to be very quiet. This would just make everyone else fall asleep, since we couldn’t talk to each other. Then we got there. And on the way back it was the same. Now this particular time, my mom was asleep and my brother had spilled some milk all over the car seat. My dad handed me a container of Lysol so I could take out the wipe.  This picture here is the only picture that I could find to describe the top of a wipe container. If you look at the container on the right, its lid is open, and you can see where the wipes come out.  This is the place I stuck my thumb into. What can I say? The wipes weren’t at the top, so the only solution I saw was sticking my hand in the top. It has sharp, jagged edges and when I tried to pull out the wipes, my thumb got stuck. I was (and still am) a child that cries for little things, like a cut. But I tried to suppress my pain when it came to this. It hurt, A LOT. Whenever I tried to get my thumb out, the edges would push further into my skin, so my little thumb could only go forward, straight into the tube. I started crying, because the pain was too much for my 8 year old self to bear. My dad had to stop the car, and we had to do some crazy things to release my thumb (it involves a knife). So that’s my story! Hope you enjoyed my pain and have a great day.